Instructions for Speakers and Posters


All contributed papers will have a 20min presentation, including questions. The room will provide a laptop in windows with Office and OpenOffice available. The current versions are:

  • Microsoft Office 2016

  • Adobe Acrobat 15 DC

  • OpenOffice 4.1.5

  • VideoLAN VLC 3.0.4

Please contact your chairman before your session and upload the presentation in advance to avoid unnecessary delays during your sessions.

Scheduling is essential for the whole conference development. Your chairman will use color cards to indicate your timinigs:

  • GREEN card: 5 min left

  • YELLOW card: 3 min left

  • RED card: OUT OF TIME


Poster Sessions

In CCIA 2018, there are two poster sessions scheduled by Tuesday 9th 11:00-12:00 and Friday 10th 11:40-12:40. In List of Contributions section Posters, you will find the session of your poster and a thematic block, and the number used to identify your poster. 

The chairman of the poster sessions are:

  • Poster Session 1: Lledó Museros (

  • Poster Session 2: Vicent Costa ( 

Contact your poster chairman before September 30th and send a ppt presentation consisting in 3 slides of 30 seconds each with a total duration of 90 seconds per author to be linked together in a PechaKucha-like presentation. The first slide must contain the title of the work and the author’s names and affiliations. Your poster chairman will link all presentations and include slides indicating the thematic blocs.

The poster size should be no larger than A0 size (1189 x 841 mm), portrait layout.

The conference room will have space in the walls for hanging the posters. The posters area will be conveniently labelled with the title of your assigned thematic block and the number of your poster. You can hang your poster either after the sessions of the previous day, or before 9:00 o’clock on the day of your poster session or during the coffee break previous to your poster session. A member of the Local Committee will provide scotch to you and help if required.

The poster session will start with the brief oral presentations of all the posters in the session in which each of you can make a briefing of your work giving a clear and concise idea about the goal of the work and the results/contributions achieved.

After the presentations, move in front of your poster to attend questions of attendees.

Remove your posters at the end of the day. Before removing your poster, be sure that Dr. Miquel Sànchez Marrè has come to register the votes of your poster for the best Poster Award before removing.