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CCIA Awards



The CCIA Board is organizing this year three Awards:

  • Best poster Award:The best poster Award is selected by CCIA attendees. Each attendee will find 6 color stickers in the conference envelope to be used to deliver their votes to their preferred posters

You can give your votes to three posters from each Session. A person from the LOC will register the votes of all posters before the session closing. 

  There are two Poster Sessions:

    • Poster Session 1: Tuesday 9th, 11:00-12:00: Mark your 3 preferred posters with RED stickers

    • Poster Session 2: Wednesday 10th, 11:40-12:40: Mark your 3 preferred posters with the GREEN stickers      

  • Best paper Award: A Jury will analyze the accepted papers.

  • Best presentation Award: Each attendee will receive a form inside the conference bag with a list of presentations. Select one and only one talk. Mark it clearly on the list and drop the form  before Wednesday 16:40pm at the box located at the registration desk with the label BEST PRESENTATION AWARD.

 The CCIA-2018 Awards will be delivered on Wednesday Oct. 10th just before closing ceremony.

Important: The winners of all CCIA Awards Categories will be announced at the Awards Session on Friday 10th, 2018 Afternoon. The Award will be delivered only to authors present in the room. Whenever the awarded author is not present, the award will be delivered to the following best work of the corresponding category.